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Medical Services for All

We offer a great number of health services that fit the need of all your health problems . We sport the latest medical technologies and offer them in the best environment possible under stringent EU regulations

Beauty Therapy Service
A beauty salon is available in the premises at tat-Targa Health Clinics. This provides services related to skin health, facial aesthetics, foot care, mud baths aromatherapy and innumerable other services. This is done in a clean pleasing and relaxing environment.
Blood Investigation
Blood tests are used to determine physiological and biochemical states, such as disease, mineral content, drug effectiveness, and organ function. The registered nurse is available three times a week and reuslts are received at home to ensure confidentiality.
Digital E.E.G. Studies
Recording of electrical activity along the scalp. EEG measures voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flows within the neurons of the brain.This is done by specialised personnel
Exercise stress E.C.G
An ECG, or electrocardiogram, is a graphic representation of the electrical activity of the heart muscle as it contracts and relaxes. When the ECG is obtained on a heart that is working harder due to exercise or medication-induced stress, the test is called an exercise ECG, or "stress test." This test is useful in detecting problems that may not be apparent while the heart is at rest.
G.P. Services
General Practitioners for normal health problems of the entire family. Available at Tat-Targa Health Clinics on daily bases without appointment to cater for the needs of the patient.
Medical screening packages
A strategy used in a population to detect a disease in individuals without signs or symptoms of that disease. This is done by an indvidual for insurance purposes.
P.O.Y.C. Services
This is the preparation and distribution of medical products within the Health care delivery environments. The patients fill in a P.O.Y.C registration form to choose the pharmacy of his choice. Many patients benefit fom this scheme and at tat-Targa Pharmacy the patients can collect their medicines immediately.
Resting E.C.G
A Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a frequently used cardiac diagnostic test to provide a record of how the heart performs at rest, which can assist in determining a wide range of heart conditions. All this is performed under the watchful eye of a qualified of cardiologist.

Specialist Services
The Primary care physician or GP. may give you a referral to a specialist doctor - a doctor who has advanced education and training on one medical area - examples cardiologist , dermatologist . An appointment is needed.
Ultrasound Scanning
This is a diagnostic technique using sound waves for examining fluid-filled organs such as the uterus in pregnancy, the gall bladder and soft organs such as the liver.
Vaccination Programmes
A vaccines is a biological preparation that improves immunity a of particular disease. Available at the pharmacy on a routine basis such as vaccines for primary health care. Flu vaccines are available ever year in September.Travel vaccines example against avian flue, typhoid , hepatitis A & B and 5 in 1 vaccine of diphteria, tetatnus pertussis, polio and Hib.