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Tat- Targa Health Clinics are primarily devoted to the care of our patients. We offer a general medical service practice run by general practitioners and many others specialised in different areas of study. All this is backed up with a professional team of pharamcists in a well-stocked pharmacy renowned for stocking all the medicinal products on the market At Tat-Targa Health Clinics affordable medical care, is provided while also guaranteeing confidentiality and sensitivity towards the patient .

Tat-Targa Health Clinics has for more than a decade Tat -Targa Health Services has provided health care services to locals and non- locals in a clean modernized environment.Here there is access to most resources with our comprehensive medical,occupational and rehabilitation services.With all of these comes something more- the friendly smile,the genuine concern and the spirit of healthcare.

Our principal aim is to provide the best care for our patients during all phases of their lives, treating their illnesses and keeping them in the best of health.We aim to provide a high standard of medical care with a strong emphasis on disease prevention, health education and self- help.There is much that you, the patient, can do to maintain good health and the aim of this site is to help you by providing the services we offer, and to help us by giving your feedback.This mutual approach benefits you- the patient.

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